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Hi, guys! Today is the puppy disease part 2!

1. 강아지 어플 coriaria Addiction
Tutu and criteria are poisonous plants in New Zealand, with every part of them
seriously poisonous.
major symptoms = hyperplasia; seizures, fainting; abdominal swelling; abnormal
or aggressive behavior; changing habits.

2. 강아지 어플 Japanese staple bloodsucker
Japanese main bloodsuckers invade dogs in the Far East. parasitic on intestinal
membrane veins and contextual veins and causes diarrhea and liver disease in
the event of a severe infection. The diagnosis is based on the confirmation of
filling in the fecal needlework.
major symptoms = liver, spleen longitudinal; lethargy; pain caused by external
pressure on the abdominal cavity; revenge; pain; diarrhea; poor appetite;
mucous, mucous excrement; hematuria; coma

3. 강아지 어플 Burusera disease
Infectious infection of humans and animals caused by germs, which causes
infection and bleeding disorders and cattle are designated as Class 1 legal
infectious diseases. Burusera is a disease of bacterial reproductive disorders
and is a second-class legal infection characterized by inflammation,
miscarriage, and infertility of reproductive organs and membranes due to
infection of livestock, dogs, and other wild animals such as cattle and pigs.
Burusera disease can also cause explosive miscarriages, infecting more than
90 percent of allies. and last for a year or more.
Definitions = Canine Brucellosis is a disease similar to that of Soburusella,
which is mainly an epidemic caused by bacteria called Brucella. When infected
with dysentery, it is a chronic infectious disease that causes prostatitis, etc. in
males and infertility and miscarriage in females.
It is a common infectious disease that can cause tetanus, arthritis, and
a miscalculation, as well as human infection. Although the incidence rate of
humans from infected dogs due to are low, pregnant wives, immunosuppressed
patients and children who do not have good hygienic habits should be
especially careful. Dog Pulcinella disease is a very important epidemic in
breeding grounds where dogs are collectively raised by being a carrier animal
at all times because there are few special clinical symptoms other than

강아지 어플
강아지 어플

Cause body and infection path = Dog sulcus is mainly caused by B. canis, but
infection by B. abortus, B. suis, and B. melitensis has been reported in addition
to this fungus.
Brucella Canis is a small hepatic bacterium that is non-notorious and parasitic
in host cells.
Both aerobic and CO2 culture develop in Brucella medium, blood medium, and
Trypticsoy agar for three to five days, forming translucent colonies, and
becoming Murcoid.
The method of infection and propagation of this disease is mainly by
absorption or feeding of blue-cellos from miscarriage fetuses or lactobacillus
or vaginal secretion after miscarriage. Also, semen between 3 and 11 weeks
after the infection has a large number of germs, which can be a good source of
The infection pathways are mainly through oral, nasal, conjunctival, vaginal
mucose membrane, abrasions in the skin, placenta, mating, and artificial


애완견 등록 이것만 알아두자

애완견 등록 이것만 알아두자

Do you know why you register as a pet? It’s a law, and the reason is because of abandoned dogs. What do you think is the reason for the increasing number of abandoned dogs every year? The reason is because of hospital expenses. On average, it costs about 2 million won a year to raise a dog, but even if you’re sick, the hospital bill easily exceeds 1 million won, which is a huge burden. So the owners who don’t have the money come to abandon their dogs. That’s why dogs need insurance, but in the 2010s, dog insurance came out, and it was all abolished. The reason for this is that now only one dog owner has registered for insurance, and the insurance is used back, and the insurance company has lost a lot of money, so it has been abolished. So a system that can distinguish dogs is very important. Therefore, although the law requires the registration of animals, many people have not yet 애완견 등록. So insurance companies are reluctant to make puppy insurance again.

애완견 등록
애완견 등록

There are many ways to register a dog.
You can hang external necklaces around your dog’s neck, or you can put internal chips in your dog’s body, but both have big drawbacks. Many owners are reluctant to use external necklaces because they are at risk of losing them while internal chips are feared to have side effects. So there should be a way to avoid side effects and risk losing them, but I heard that there was a way to use the inscription on the dog. Like human fingerprints, dogs’ noses have different shapes, so you can compare them. There is no risk of losing it and no side effects, which is how many people expect it.



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